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Welcome US army secret agent. You are ex army soldier and now youare a part of secret services. You are a top secret agent and verytrained and skilled killer. You are not entering in a game you aregoing to experience a real world secret agents missions. So getready to fight with street criminals, thug mafias and drug lords.Some missions are like prison escape games. So Plan & executeyour escape plan successfully in this thrilling survival actionfilled prison escape missions. Clown Secret Stealth Mission allowsyou to play as a super hero who has been captured by villainterrorist enemies. Escape from the villain’s prison & take downall the villains including street thugs, terrorists & mafiagangsters to save your city. This is the best killer clown gameever with a little twist of secret agent us army missions. Well youare thinking why the clown outfit. Well you heard the news of clownterror and clown criminal gangsters terrifying young kids andadults. They are not just terrifying people. They are the realcrime lords of the city. You are going to change your identity as aclown and join their group. In this way you can reach to the mainjoker clown which is the boss of clown gang. Kill all of them andstop all the criminal activities planned by these joker clown gang.You are a real super hero with stealth identity. Stealthy way isthe best way to capture these criminals. Clown Secret StealthMission is a stealth mission action packed thrilling game of2017.Your first job is to join the gang and develop trust of jokergang master. While you are in the gang don't forget your duty ofsaving civilians life and keeping peace in the city. Use yourstealth skills and stop all the evil plans prepared by thesevillains. In some missions you were on a secret mission in enemy’scountry, stealing the important information about the arm forces,the defense system, rebels and the underworld empire, when thingswent wrong and you got arrested. The enemy knows that you have allthe information you required, they can't sentence you to deathbefore investigation and evidences. Here you have a chance to makean escape plan.in's. The puppets of the government; police, secretagency and other law enforcement agencies are after you. Stay awayfrom the CCTV cameras and keep cover in the shadow for stealth.It's not only the matter of your survival but also the matter ofnational security.

App Information Clown Secret Stealth Mission

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    Clown Secret Stealth Mission
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    May 22, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Stain For Games
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    Office No. 22, 2nd Floor, Leeds Centre Main Boulevard Gulberg III. Lahore, Pakistan
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Farm Tractor Simulator USA 2017 GameJame Smith is living in thecountry side of New Holland with his family. He is living with histwo children named Marie and John and also his father. The wholesmith family is well-reputed farmers from generations togenerations. Now, his father gives his heritage to Jame and all hisfarms, his animals and all his machinery like trucks, harvester,crop choppers, trolley, prayer to him. He is very interested infarming from his early childhood age.Likewise, his young boy isalso eager to work with his father but he is too young for farming.They are farmers who produced pure natural food and contributed tothe economy of his country. This realistic 3D graphics game isbased on Jame's life. It is a great chance for you to step intoJame's shoes and enjoy the real farming exhilaratingexperience.Jame' father had a huge area for farming. They usuallygrow wheat and corn crops. They also had a small market aftercrossing the river. Grow new crops and sell them to a market formoney. But before this, you will have to go through the completeprocess of growing the crops. Plowing the field, then spraying thepesticides, watering the fields and all the rest of the workrequired for the farming. You are also required to transport theanimals to the city market to sell them and earn a profit. Driveyour machinery carefully as countryside roads are very bumpy. Nowit's time to become a virtual farmer. Get ready for the mostamazing and traditional experience of your life. Earn enough moneyto give your children a better life. Farming Simulator adventure isa new concept where you will feel like a real virtual farmer. Usemodern machinery to experience the life of a farmer. The wheat cropis ready to harvest with the help of harvester machine. Then choosethe fertile land plow it and make a path for seed with the help ofdrill machine attach with your tractor, transfer the animals fromvillage to city for sale. After selling the animals come back togive water to your crops, spray your fields to kill insects whichcan damage your crop, wait for some time when wheat fully growagain. Harvest them and transport them to the warehouse on yourtransport tractor. Take crops to the city to sell them for ahandsome amount of money.Tractor farm Simulator 2017 game is anadvance in this game you have to transport cargo to the city inoffroad tractor trolly simulator USA 2017. vehicles. Build abeautiful farm and cultivate different crops in your field.Cultivate your own land by sowing the crops using a realistic SeedDrill. Harvest and sell them in the market for cash and earn theproud title of the king or queen of agriculture.Farming SimulatorTractor sim 2017 Features- New highly detailed 3D graphics and aslick user interface.- Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in acity market.- Take good care of your animals and sell them tomarket to earn a profit. - Enjoy all stages of having a farm - Getout in the field and harvest your crops - Realistic tractor farmingsimulator - Manage everything at your own farm - Drive tractors anda combine
Oil Tanker Fuel Hill Transport 1.3 APK
Oil Tanker Fuel Hill Transporter is a game in which you have topick up petrol from oil refinery and delivering oil to petrol anddiesel gas station on off-road mountain. Driver’s duty is toprovide fuel to gas station safely on time on destination. Startdriving offroad heavy 4x4 truck trailer and oil cargo transporterto the city, Becareful with heavy offroad traffic on the road andavoid accident with 4wd and 4x4 monster jeep, heavy cargo truck andother heavy machinery. Its is very difficult to hill climb withheavy truck and oil tanker to carefull with your driving on theroads.Off road Oil tanker truck is a driving game in which oiltanker is attached. The main objective of this game is to transportrefined oil, high flammable gasoline safely to offroad gas station.Provide oil cargo transport to army base and and avoid heavytraffic accidents on the roads. Run Offroad heavy 4x4 truck trailerand fulfill the needs of the city. You have cargo and transportonly oil to city no other cargo transport like jeep, suv, cars,monster 4wd army jeeps etc.Now buckle up yours seat, it’s time todrive cargo oil tanker. Drive as an expert driver and fulfillchallenge.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Challenging and outstanding environmentwith 3D graphics.◆ Select heavy big trucks.◆ Meet Challenges toenjoy Base Missions.◆ Clock is ticking so transport oil on time tocomplete challenge. ◆ User friendly game play◆ Excellent soundeffects◆ Amazing 3D graphics to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironment.◆ Different camera angles that give you more control todrive oil tanker◆ Amazing Game-play with HD Graphics ◆ Driving Funon Mountain tracks with Real Traffic◆ Oil Tanker Truck Simulationwith Smooth Steering ◆ Different Camera Angles to explore the 3Doff Road Environment
Crane Excavator Builder Road 1.2 APK
Welcome to Crane Excavator Builder Road !!Excavator games arereally fun and enjoyable because just thinking of controlling suchmachines makes you happy. From childhood to adulthood, I amobsessed with excavator and cranes. It is my dream to control sucha huge machinery and do heavy work like digging and moving thingsfrom one place to another. To control crane and move cars which arestuck in some place. Thinking of helping people with the help ofthese machines gives me pleasure. When I grow up I saw the driversof heavy machines working in scorching sun and doing hard labor.They gained respect in my heart. It is clear that this professionis very tough and requires real hard work.Every child dreams aboutcontrolling heavy excavators and cranes. There is specialattraction in these machines. If you are also lover of thesemachines come and feel the driving experience of differentexcavators and cranes in this game and fulfill your dream. Becareful as these machines are heavy and controlling them is verydifficult. Once you get behind the steering wheel of the sandexcavator vehicles all your focus should be only on how to completethe construction simulator task effectively and efficiently. Drive& control heavy machines like sand excavator, mighty crane anddump truck. Roll up your sleeves for a hard labor with real goodmoney. This is your chance to become a part of the realisticexcavator simulator with some crane and loader missions. Rememberto keep safety on the working construction site.Time to put thathat on and act as a heavy excavator operator to in this loadersimulator game. Think about lifting debris in a construction citywith your backhoe.Driving an excavator machine is now a great funexperience for everyone in this game.Take care of Safety whilecompleting your missions in time. Dare yourself to become part ofthis heavy machinery mayhem. Once again we bring the fun &thrilling smooth 3D action simulation adventure to you.★★★ Features★★★• Play as mighty excavator operator and dump truck driver• Realconstruction site detailed environment.• Real physics in heavyequipment machine movement.• Heavy throttle digging &construction sounds.• Smooth & challenging HD game play.•Amazing 3D animation totally FREE to play.• Detailed & highlycompetitive game levels.• Real life Terrain experience• Easy tocontrol with your fingers and touch
Farmer's Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 1.2 APK
Get ready to play the most advanced farming simulation of 2018.Build your farm like a farmer and enjoy the countryside life.Jeorge was a son of a farmer and all he has seen throughout hislife was farming. He grew up in a small village near the LA. Hisfather was a renowned farmer of his time's and he also had a dreamof becoming a master farmer in the future. After completing hisearly education, he joined hands with his father to learn the artof farming. He was very intelligent and his suggestions often leadto better outcomes. He not only worked in the fields with hisfather but also started learning new technologies and advancementswhich were made in the recent years. He started replacing the oldmachinery with the most recent one and improved the ways ofploughing as well as harvesting crops. George became a masterfarmer of his town in few years due to his effective strategies andthe knowledge of modern machinery. Use Farming Tractor, Harvester& Cultivator On Fields Like a Real Farming Master.Farmer'stractor farming simulator 2018 is based on George's life. Enjoy thereal life farming experience by playing modern machinery includingharvester & tractor Farming Simulation Game . Fulfill yourharvesting dreams by just entering into this free world career modefarming game: farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018. This reallife 3D farming game provides you the opportunity to select avariety of farms with different crops. Select an area of yourinterest and build a form by utilizing the cash available in youraccount. Cultivate corns, rice, wheat, maze, and many other typesof crops. Decorate your farm with variety of crops and water thecultivated crops. This is open world game where your crops reapfrom sun in time. You can plant fruits and vegetables in your ownfarming field. Become the master of the farming business by usingupdated machinery. Sell your goods at the nearby community marketacross the river and collect handsome amount of cash. Expand youfarming business by ploughing more crops and buying new machines.Farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018 comprises of actual reallife 3D locations and challenging missions to prove your harvestingskills. You can drive heavy tractors with different modern farmingmachines in farming fields. You can experience all the componentsof Farming from developing farms to sowing, ploughing, wateringcrops to employ fertilizers, advance machinery for harvesting tobest selling techniques. This real farmer tractor simulator 2018gives you the opportunity to enjoy the life of a real farmer.Farmer's tractor farming simulator 2018 Features:- Amazing reallife 3D farming and natural game-play- Advance machineries forcultivating and harvesting corps- Develop lush farms and variety ofcrops - Be a real life Tractor Driver and harvester in farmer'stractor farming simulator 2018- Excellent 3D graphics and naturalfarming environment- Pure advance physics engine with smoothcontrols - Different levels to challenge your farming skills -Challenge your friends by sharing online your statistics andachievements- Enjoy multi-player options and see who is the masterfarmer - Various tractors and harvesters to improve the yieldBe aprofessional farmer and enjoy real life farming game-play.
US Army Oil Tanker Transporter 1.0 APK
Welcome to Army Oil tanker Transporter 2017 Simulator. A US armybase ordered few thousand gallons of oil in mountainous and hillyarea. This army oil tanker is going to deliver oil from oilrefinery to the army base. This US army oil tanker contains highlyflammable gasoline. This difficult and dangerous task needs apassionate and adventurous driver which must be highly traineddriver. Our US army battalion is under war and their oil supply isvery limited. Our army soldiers are in battlefield with all oftheir heroic deeds and need your help. Don’t let your country getdishonored and humiliate. You as a truck driver must reach todestination safely and on time.In this game you are the driver ofoil tanker transporter for armed forces and drive your offroad armytruck and cargo truck to army base in this army transport game.Driving through hills, mountains, steep paths and dangerouslocations in this extreme army truck simulator game can bechallenging for any army truck driver. You have handle the off roadarmy truck driving challenge in this Army Oil Tanker Transportergame to provide fuel to army gas stations for on going army rescuemissions against terrorists in western areas of the country.Thisgame provides you a chance to help our US army. If oil supply islate then our army would be immobilize. It is your duty to drivethis truck and help your soldiers. This army truck is high poweredand sophisticated machine which will benefit you to complete yourchallenges in harsh environment. US army oil tanker is realisticdriving game in which oil tanker is attached. Try to achieve allchallenges provided in this game help out brave soldiers. Drivingoil tanker in rough terrain is very difficult and challenging butyou can do this for your country and for your soldiers.Features ofArmy Oil tanker Transporter 2017 Simulator Game:★ Real Cargo truckand oil transportation challenges★ Real Experience of Up Hill ArmyTanker Driving★ Off Road Heavy Vehicle Driving Adventure★ DriveArmy trucks to race, park and transport Oil.★ Unlock new truckswith realistic vehicle physics by completing challenging jobs.★Amazing 3d Hill environments and treacherous bumpy tracks
Offroad Jeep Driving Sim 2017 1.1 APK
Get Ready to experience the most dangerous offroading games of2017!!Off-Road Jeep simulator 2017 is a physics based off-roadracing game with realistic 3D graphics. Fan of offroad jeep drivingin forest and mountain than download this extreme jeep drivingsimulator and experience the 4x4 offroad jeep hill driving. Youwill be driving amazing SUVs, Range Rover, Trucks, Monster Trucks,and Jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. If you think you canhandle this than take part in this renegade riding challenge of2017. Show your hill climb jeep driving skills and hill racingstunts to get a free offroad driving license. One of best jeepdriving game with steering wheel controls. Other controls are alsoavailable. A group of 4x4 vehicle owners are gathering in a hillyand mountainous area of USA to challange one another and show theirextreme driving skills to the world. If you think you are betterthan those hill climbing racers than join them and show them yourdriving skills by driving your luxury prado jeep in those road-lessenvironment. There will be different challenges in this game likeyou will be driving in extreme uphill and downhill off road or youwill be racing in these environment with other racers. Don't worryabout the police car chase as police and army soldiers are alsotaking part in this offroading event with their army jeep andoffroad police jeeps.Choose your favorite vehicle from variety ofvehicles and drive it through a rugged terrain in hilly island,enjoy jeep driving in water and bumping into mountains.Enjoyextreme 4x4 Jeep driving in offroad map just like driving car inmountain hills. Climb a high mountain with 4x4 offroad jeep hilldriving, race along the death defying narrow rocky ridge and avoidgetting stuck in a narrow trench. Your driving will be surelytested in this real life driving test simulator.★★Offroad JeepDriving Sim 2017 Features★★★ Hill climb levels through highmountains and different obstacles★ Amazing Selection Of HighQuality 4x4 Vehicles★ Different rocky environments to feel realoffroad driving experience★ Best physics Engine, hydraulics Brakeand Boost Updates★ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to moveall around the mountain.★ Engine, Brake and Boost Updates"
Superhero Clown Escape 2017 1.2 APK
Criminal Clown are very rare as clowns are usually funny andentertaining. Criminal Clown concept is very terrifying becausepeople does not expect any criminal activity from these clowns.This game gives you thrilling experience of terrifying the wholetown with this clown. Criminal clown has extremely unique andcreative yet evil ideas to frightening the whole city. This clownis mafia criminal clown gangster and he has its own clown robberygangster squad. This grand robbery legend is now haunting in thebank, supermarket parking areas, malls and supermarkets with hisevil plans. This is the best killer clown game of 2017.Last monthseveral people sees this creepy clown with long knife in his hand.People reported to police and police is searching this criminalclown in all the city. City's gangsters are trying to contact thiscriminal clown and the call him a killer clown. While in city he isfamous as street crime clown. First this clown is famous forrobbery and involve in many robbery. These robbery are uniquelydone by this criminal clown and thus known as clown robbery likesupermarket clown robbery, clown bank robbery etc.After severalrobberies, police caught him and lock him behind the bars. But hecarefully planed clown escape mission and make allies inside thepolice station. These allies make criminal clown escape possible.During his jail escape clown is chased by the police and he killedseveral police man and escaped by showing his clown truck drivingskills. This is one of the spectacular scene of police chase vsclown escape which ended in the result of clown escape. Severalgangsters are now using different clown outfits to frighten thecity and a terrifying era of clown fighting begins which we callclown attack mafia crime war. Due to police killing, this criminalclown is now the city clown gangster who is ready to tear the peaceof city. If you ever think of frightening the city and carry outyou evil plan than this game is for you. Step into shoes of thiscity gangster clown and enjoy the thrilling experience of yourlife.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Creepy criminal clown as players◆ Amazingreal 3D environment.◆ Fist fighting, assault rifle and batons.◆Criminal missions with each unique tasks.◆ Smooth and intuitivecontrols.◆ High Quality 3D UI & Graphics◆ Hardcore stuntsimulation games.◆ Running, Shooting and walking mode