1.2 / September 7, 2016
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The deepest fear has risen again. The evilhasreturned to the earth brought along with it extreme horrorandterror. The evil has triggered dead men in redemptioncemeterybecoming alive. This trigger can cause dead people alivehundredand thousands in number. All the walking dead are filledwith theevil from inside. They are rising from their gravesescaping fromthe graveyard to the city to eat everyone away andtaking the worldto the doom. The dead men are totally spell boundand are unable tofeel or hear anything, just moving ahead towardscompleting themission; to destroy every living thing onearth.
The war between evil and the good has just begun. You are one ofthesurvivor soldiers who are fighting, in the frontline, adesperatewar against the evil. For how long you can save your cityand yourhomeland?
It is the time to use your army sniper shooting skills. Holdyoursniper gun take the aim and start shooting behaving like aperfectterminator. Ammo is unlimited in you arsenal. Your deadlyweapon,sniper gun, is an autoloader, precise and can unleash thehail ofbullets. Kill the disgusting mutants rapidly. So greaseyourweapons and be ready for the best sniper shooting action, lotsofadventure and mayhem.
Game play is quite simple and joyful. There are hundreds of deadmencoming out of their graves trying to go out of the graveyard.Yourtarget is to stop by shooting them before reaching the gate ofthegrave yard. You can also change your sniper gun.One of the gunsisautomatic and the other one is manual.
With each kill get scores. Kill maximum beasts to get morescores.When you make the maximum scores you can challengeyourfriends.
- Simple yet entertaining game play.
- High fidelity cool graphics.
- Efficient gun controls.
- Best sniper shooting action.
- Gun change option is available.
A unique sniper shooting action for android devices.

App Information Dead Walking Sniper

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    Dead Walking Sniper
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    September 7, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    50,000 - 100,000
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After the glorious success of hunting jungle animals an extreme funof hunting wild jungle animals is presented again to make you feela professional hunter. A gift for those who love hunting games butcan’t go into the depth of horrible jungle. Playing this game willmake you feel a hunting experience.A realistic hunting and snipershooting experience which you might not been able to get in yourreal life, you can kill the deer, stag and other animals just asreal as you can do it in real hunting. You are bejeweled with aprecise sniper shooter gun to shoot furious wild animals. Juststart a lifetime hunting blitz. This game is more challenging thenthe previous on as in this game there are twelve levels to becompleted and in each level you will face different furious animalslike bear, boar, rhinoceros, wolf, deer and stag and in comingupdates bobcat and cougar will be added to make hunt challenging.Specialty of this game is that sniper is at different locations foreach hunting level. Sniper is at a height in all levels so he issafe from the animals attack except hunting wolf. On hearing bulletfire sound wolf will be alert and will attack on you.It’s not aneasy target to snipe moving animals so use your army sniper skillsand aim precisely and hunt down different beasts. When you kill thedeer, bear and other animals, you must remember these are 3D modelsnot real animals.Enjoy a lifetime huntingexperience.★★★FEATURES★★★- A very fine work of hunting action.-Twelve different levels and different beasts to hunt down. -Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.- Highfidelity cool graphics.- Realistic jungle environment.- Gun changeoption is available. ★★★HOW TO PLAY★★★ - Enter into the first levelcomplete the mission and go to the next level. - Left half of thescreen is for gun control. - Use zoom buttons to target animals. -Be aware of the time.
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It takes real courage to cross the frontier tostep into the enemy's territory for fulfilling the mission assignedto assassin all commandos deployed at the enemy's army bases. Thetarget is near to impossible but not for a professional army snipershooter. Muster up your courage, peak your bravery, you have to bea frontline commander, aim all the soldiers and kill them for thesake of saving your country.STORYThe enemy in the neighborhood has made bases just besides thefrontier of your homeland near a mountain valley for the planningto invade your country. A special force known as Alpha force isassigned mission to kill all the enemy soldiers deployed at thebases. The member of the force are made to land from a helicopterinto the enemy's territory through parachutes. All your men couldnot survive and you are the the only survivor commando, but you aresuch a confident army sniper shooter that you can kill them all. Soyou hold your safe position somewhere in the mountain and startshooting and killing the enemy.GAME PLAYThe game play is very addictive, involving and interesting. Thesniper shooter is holding a safe and hidden position where allenemy soldiers can be seen and sniped.There are four missions tocomplete with unlimited ammo.★ MISSION 1 ★Target is to kill all soldiers which are five in number. When theywill hear firing sound they will be alert.★★ MISSION 2 ★★Target is to kill all the soldiers seven in number.★★★ MISSION 3 ★★★Target to kill all the soldiers at another base. You have to bemore watchful now as when you fire an alarm will trigger. Now youhave to kill seven deployed commandos in short time.★★★★ MISSION 4 ★★★★Target to kill all eleven commandos. This mission is more difficultas You have to snipe all the soldiersin a very short time.Enjoy playing a perfect sniper shooting mission with a spirit tofight for your country.★★ GAME FEATURES ★★- Challenging game play.- Efficient gun controls.- Perfect sniper shooter action.- True to life mountain valley environment.- Dangerous missions to completeUpdates will be coming soon.
Monster Sniper Hunt 3D 2.0 APK
Here, the coolest sniper hunt experience ispresented!! Feel the thrill to snipe a scary monster; a firebreathing predator, wandering in a jungle. Test your army snipershooting skills, hold a precise and accurate sniper gun; kill amonster which is very strong and powerful, obviously such afearsome monster will not be killed with one shot or with randomshots. You have to behave like a professional hunter and shoot themonster accurately and win the war.It is more common hunting animals, in a jungle, like lion, bear,pig, or deer but killing such a strong monster is nothing less thana challenge. If you are unable to show the guts of a professionalhunter, you will not be able to shoot the monster and your deathwill be inevitable. So muster up your courage, be brave and acceptthe challenge to complete the mission of killing such a horrifyingmonster and brag about.Now be ready for an ultimate adventure to play this action packedgame and have a real sniper shooter experience of shooting a deadlyand dangerous creature.Once you start the game you will be lost in this new kind ofshooting game. Be ready to play one of the best sniper shootinggames and show your stamina for killing deadly monster with yourautoloader professional sniper shooting gun.HOW TO PLAYPosition your professional autoloader sniper gun and aim at thepredator. Fire accurately as you have limited time. It is not likea common animal so will not be killed by one shot, you will have toshoot it for five times accurately to kill the beast, maintain abalance between your patience and speed. In next level if you shootat the head two times accurately it will be enough to make themonster dead. Go start the battle and win!!FEATURES- Cool, high fidelity 3D graphics- User friendly interface.- Two zoom options are available.- Mission to kill a monster which is somewhat like adinosaur.- Game is made simple yet entertaining.Updates will be coming soon.
Hunting Jungle Wolf 1.3 APK
How would you like to hunt a furious deadlycreature in a horrible jungle? Time to excite your nerves. Huntinga wolf is much difficult than any other beast like bear, boar orany other wild animal as the wolf is a clever, sharp and breakneckanimal. Hunting a wolf needs your reflexes sharpen and a quickresponse to avoid being a prey instead of killing it.The story of the game is based on the idea that you have selected abeautiful place in a jungle to spend your retired life. You own aherd of pet animals like deer, stag, goat and sheep. You take careof all these animals.As the place you live in is a jungle; the sanctuary of wild animalslike bear lion and wolf and many other beasts. These beasts arealways ready to attack and kill innocent animals. Here we select asan attacking beast; the wolf.There are many wolves waiting for their prey to attack. When youhear the howl of the wolves you just get ready to save your petanimals. You hold your precise sniper gun and select a higher placeto snipe attacking wolf. The wolf is rushing towards your animalsmoving at a fairly fast pace. To snipe a fast moving predator needsspecial army sniper shooting skills.This game is a real test of your sniper shooting skills. You haveto be very precise.Make yourself stable as sudden appearance of thewolf may cause vertigo. Aim at the running wolf, kill them all asyou have very short time. This game will improve your aiming andshooting skills as shooting a running wolf is more difficult. Takethis game as a challenge and try to clear all levels.FEATURES- Fast action gameplay.- High fidelity graphics.- Real sniper shooting hunt experience.- True to life environment.
Zombie Attack Sniper 1.2 APK
Your city is under zombie’s attack. You arethe part of the special force deployed to kill zombies with asniper gun.The only way to rescue civilians is to kill all zombies.You need to kill zombies quickly otherwise your mission to win thewar against zombies will be failed.HOW TO PLAYIn first level zombies are attacking an ambulance, you have tokill all zombies present in the premises. Female zombies will bekilled with one shot but they have greater destruction power andthey are a little more quick so killing them first is advisable.Male zombies will be killed with two shots and the fat males withthree shots.This adventurous game has different levels. You have to savedifferent vehicles like first save an ambulance, after saving ityou have to save a military helicopter and then a fire truck andafter that a car lifting truck.Special features.-Realistic sniper gun fire and aiming effects.-Easy and smooth game controls.-Attractive sound effects.-Pleasing visual effects.-Challenging game levels.Enjoy killing zombies,win the battle and save your city.
Target Defending Homeland 1.2 APK
Target defending homeland is all about thedefense of your country against the brutal attack of a mighty enemyfrom your neighborhood. The enemy has crossed the border line andentered in your border city for a deadly attack.The commandos are trying hard to to stop the invasion in thebunkers near the frontier fighting a defense battle. Enemy hasinvaded with all her might, with all their forces. They are ontarget to destroy your motherland. Your country is simultaneouslyunder ground and air attack. Your army's frontline soldiers have tocounter strike and fight a deadly battle against the enemy'smight.The brave frontier soldiers in the frontline bunkers could notsurvive and have lost their lives after a blitz krieg.You are the only survivor commando to defend the bunker andfighting against the cruelty of the enemy. You are equipped with aheavy machine gun and a bazooka. The invading army is attackingwith the their commandos on ground and with fighter jets as well aswith fighter helicopters but your air defense has failed.For incoming soldiers, helicopters and jets you can use machine gunbut for the tanks you have to use rocket launcher as you arebejeweled with both weapons to fight the kingdom war.The pace of the game is very fast. you cannot stop firing for evena while as there are a lot of enemies but you are a lone commanderfighting a hard battle to save the frontiers and save your arsenalfrom the enemy. You have to fight back until the victory. Kill allthe enemy soldiers destroy their jets, helicopters and tanks andwin the war and save your dear home.FEATURES- A very fast paced real war game.- Defend your country until the victory.- Realistic war environment.- An opportunity to fight a nerve exciting city defensebattle.- Unlimited ammo for more shooting fun.Enjoy fighting a real lifetime battling experience.
Elite Commando Strike 1.4 APK
Elite Commando Strike adventurous game isabout shooting skills.A commando is on a mission which will beaccomplished by killing all the enemies by a gun having limitedrounds to be fired and can also be reloaded.A locating device isalso given to locate the enemy.The commando can move in four directions and the screen can alsobe rotated. If commando gets injured, he can have a chance ofrestoring his health for a few times. These chances can beincreased by shooting more and more enemies.So test your reflexes and shooting skillsSpecial feature- Third Person Shooter- Unpredictable enough so that each time you play the same level itfeels different.- Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolutiondevices (incl. tablets)- Perfect game control- Stunning 3D graphics- Easy to use interface- User friendly gameplay- Realistic game play.