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IMEI Tools 🔨(Free) 8.0
★ IMEI Tools is a VERY Powerful IMEI Tweaking Tool ★App features:1.IMEI Generator✅ (Can generate up to 500,000 IMEIs at a go)2. MTKEngineering ⛓3. Blacklist Checker📵 4. Root Checker 🔑5. IMEIAnalyzer 🔬6. Android Settings ⚙️7. Samsung Settings🔩✔ CLEAN orBLACKLISTED? Check your IMEI- Are you planning to buy a usedphone?- Are you selling second-hand phones and you want the bestfor your customers?- You have already bought a phone but you can'tmake calls and send messages?- Your phone was lost or stolen? Ifyou answered "YES" to at least one question that means ourBLACKLIST CHECKER is for you!Blacklist Checker is used to check ifthe IMEI you supplied has been Reported Stolen, Lost or Blocked.This is a VERY USEFUL tool to avoid buying or using phones withreported IMEIs. ✔ Root Checker this Checks if your device is hasbeen ROOTED✔ MTK Engineering can only be used with Phones thatemploy the Use of MTK Chip ONLY. With MTK Engineering you canCHANGE YOUR IMEI (back up your previous IMEI before you do this) ordo numerous device configurations, but be careful with this optionto avoid damaging your Phone or voiding your warranty.✔ AndroidSettings will open a hidden Settings Menu on your Phone Where youcan get information such as- Phone Information- Battery Information(power plug, battery level, battery scale, battery temperature andso on)- Usage Statistics- Wi-Fi Information✔ Samsung Settings canONLY be used if you use a SAMSUNG Device. It will open a secretmenu on your phone where you can further customize your phone.✔ The‘PHONE IMEI’ tab contains a list IMEIs for different phones(including latest phones). And guess what? You can generate up to500 thousand IMEIs from a single tap without any No Duplicate. Allgenerated IMEIs are Unique.Generated IMEIs are also ordered foreasy use.I know you must be thinking "This is Super Cool, How do Iuse it?" HOW TO USE- Pick a phone of choice from the list - Pickquantity to generate: 15, ..., or 500,000.- Tap ‘Generate’ button ✔The ‘GENERATOR’ tab is a supplement to PHONE IMEI tab. In this tabyou can enter any Arbitrary IMEI (between 8 – 12 digits) and itwill generate the complete IMEI. The list is guaranteed to containzero duplicates.HOW TO USE- Input between 8 – 12 digits- Pickquantity to generate : 15, ..., or 500,000.- Tap 'Generate'✔ The‘ANALYZER’ tab can be used to analyse IMEI pieces by piece, getyour IMEI information & check if an IMEI is valid or Not.✔SHARE, COPY or SAVE your generated IMEIs.This App is very easy touse coupled, locked and loaded with USEFUL features and has veryfriendly user interface.This is simply the best IMEI BlacklistChecker, IMEI Generator, MTK Engineering, Root Checker, SamsungSettings, Android Setting, IMEI Analyzing tool out here!Are youstill Reading? stop and DOWNLOAD NOW! 😅If you found this ToolUseful, don't forget to- Leave a review and say something Nice ❤️everyone likes a Compliment 😜!- Recommend it to Others. Be yourbrother's keeper, sharing is caring!⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ 1. Edge DevStudio will not be responsible for any illegal actions that may bedone with help of this software. This tool is intended to be usedfor finding information about IMEI and for testing/educationalpurposes. It is not intended for IMEI-spoofing, especially incountries that explicitly forbids this practice.2. This App (IMEITools) can not track your lost phone!Join us @ fb.me/imeitoolsGotany questions? Shoot a mail to -> [email protected]
Mutual Fund Calculator (FREE) 1.5
Savings Account is so Yesterday. A better way to save your money isthrough Mutual Funds. Mutual Fund Calculator will help youCalculate your Mutual Fund Return on Investments over a period oftime (months and years), accurately. Coming Soon! With this MutualFund Calculator, you will be able to calculate ROI, set remindersto keep investing and get tips on how to manage your money toattain financial freedom!
Financial Calculator 1.2
Financial Calculator is a FREE App that allows you to get resultfor all types of compounding interests & financial financialcalculations .- Many banks offer different loan conditions, thisapp gives you the freedom to Calculate the monthly payments, amountof interest to be paid, the total cost of credit and amortizationschedule. Enter the data and result will be generated (A 5 year oldcan use this app! ).- Determine how much money you can grow usingthe power of compound Interest. You can also calculate how muchmoney you need to contribute each month in order to arrive at aSpecific Savings Goal.- Secure your financial future by predictinghow much money you can save, at what interest rate. Example ->If i save $x for y amount of years, i should get $zzz.zz at @p.pp%This App Can:- Calculate Interest on Savings - Compoundinterest rate annually, bi-annually, monthly or daily. Just clickthe button- Get Loan Details such as interest to be paid, the totalcost of Credit, amortization schedule- Help you be more frugalWHERETO USE:* Financial Prediction * Personal Savings Goals* PersonalLoans* Personal Mortgage* Business Loan* Auto Loan* RetirementPlanning* Mutual Fund Interest Returns* Business Overdraft* 401kPlanningFEATURES: * Works without Internet Connection* NoBackground Process* It's is Simple, Efficient and Accurate!* HighlyBattery Efficient By Using Latest Tech.* Totally Free!* Option toShare or Save your Results via Email, WhatsApp or other ChatServices* It Works on Android Oreo TAGS: interest calculatorsavings, interest calculator formula, compound interest calculatordaily, loan calculator, interest calculator, compounding moneycalculator, compound savings calculator, compound interestcalculator, simple interest calculator, interest calculator,savings interest calculator
Generate IMEI (100% Free) 1.0
This App is a striped down version of IMEI Generator >>http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lekeope.universalgenerator
Apk Extractor 1.6
Open Source Free App - github.com/Edge-Developer/AppExtractor AppExtractor lets you quickly extract apps installed on your Androiddevice. - It has ZERO Advertisements - It has no Bloatware - It isSimple and Easy to use - It is Very Fast App Extractor can alsoshow you apps that you didn't install by yourself so that you cantake action - report the app and then uninstall it. AfterDownloading Please Support Me by leaving a 5-star Review and sharewith others. It motivates me to do more. If, however, you aredissatisfied please do let me know exactly why you are dissatisfiedInformation: - I promise to promptly fix bugs - You can help metranslate this App Extractor to your language by shooting a mail [email protected] - You can also help add features and fixbugs for App Extractor because it is an Open Source App -github.com/Edge-Developer/AppExtractor Join Me let's buildtogether. Your name will be featured in the App. Enjoy!
Play Billing Library Demo App
This App demonstrates how to bill your app users with googleplaybilling Library.For the detailed tutorial->http://wp.me/p9wagb-9G
Win Status Saver (Free) 2.8
You Loved ❤️️ a Friends WhatsApp or Instagram Status?Good, you'reon the right page.This App is designed as a tool to help you saveimages and videos that are available to the public on your phonedevice so you do not need to re-download them every time you wouldlike to view them, in order to save bandwidth and electricity tomake the environment greener; moreover, offline videos can beviewed using your favorite video player.How to Use (for WhatsApp)1-Go to WhatzApp2- Check the Desired Status or Story3- Open "WinStatus Saver"4- Tap on the Image or Video to Preview5- Tap the menu- to Save or ShareHow to Use (for Instagram)1- Open InstagramApp/Website2- Locate the Story or Status of your choice3- Click the3 dots menu on the Instagram Post4a- On Instagram App Click on"Copy Link"4b- On Instagram Website Click on "Go to Post". Once thepost is loaded, copy the Url of the post from your browser5- OpenWin Status Saver, Go to the Instagram tab and Paste the URL, thenClick Go6- Wait for for it to load(1 - 3secs) then ClickDownload!7- Download will automatically Begin! and you will benotified when download is Completed!It's dead simple, Right? 😉 youbet it is! Still reading this? 😝 Go get the App and Start SavingStatuses!Hey Wait,Rate us if you liked the App 🙊 Probably 5 Stars★★★★★ 😂😂I also promise a LIFETIME support and bug fixing! Download,Install and Share with 100% Confidence!Disclaimer:1. This tool canbe used for public profiles only.2. Re-uploading image and/or videois NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval.3. This app is notaffiliated with Instagram or WhatsApp.
A+ Status Saver (Instagram Video Downloader) 4.99
What is A+ Status Saver? A+ Status Saver is : > Instagram VideoDownloader > Instagram Story Saver > IGTv Video Downloader> Status Downloader for WhatsApp. > Open in WhatsApp (Clickto Chat) combined together in ONE app. Main Features : ✔ FastDownload Speed. ✔ Save Multiple Photos and Videos. ✔ Viewdownloaded stories in a bar at top of main screen. ✔ Beautifullydesigned UI. Straight to the point ✔ Amazing Image Previews. ✔Repost, Share, Delete photos and videos from A+ Status Saver. ✔Batch Save photos and videos in your phone Offline. ✔ Generate Openin WhatsApp Link How to Download Instagram Videos 1- Download,Install and Open A+ Status Saver 2- TURN ON Insta Save then, OpenInstagram 3- Click Copy Link on any Instagram Picture/Video or IGTvVideo for Download to auto-begin with Download ProgressNotification shown. 4- Once you are done downloading Instagramvideos,TURN OFF Insta Save How to Download WhatsApp Statuses(NormalWhatsApp, GB, Parallel Space and Parallel Space Lite WhatsApp) 1-Download, Install and Open A+ Status Saver 2- Open WhatsApp 3-Check the desired Status 4- Open “A+ Status Saver" and gotoWhatsApp Tab. 5- Share, Delete, Save or Tap on it, to Preview. Howto find Downloaded Statuses🔍📂 ☆ The Best Option💯 is to use“Downloads” Menu of A+ Status Saver ☆ Alternatively, you can useuse File Explorer or Gallery App How to use Click to Chat or Openin WhatsApp 1- Download, Install and Open A+ Status Saver 2- ClickOpen in WhatsApp, on the navigation menu and a Dialog will pop up3- Input a valid WhatsApp number into the Phone Number field. Forexample : +441234567890 4- Type in your message in the Messagefield. 5- Click Send on the bottom of the dialog. WhatsApp willautomatically start a conversation between you and the number youentered. How to Generate an WhatsApp Click to Chat Link WhatsAppClick to Chat Link is also known as Open in WhatsApp Link 1-Download, Install and Open A+ Status Saver 2- Click Open inWhatsApp, on the navigation menu and a Dialog will pop up 3- Inputa valid WhatsApp number into the Phone Number field. For example :+441234567890 4- Type in your message in the Message field. 5-Click on Generate Link ☆ Click "Copy" to copy the generated link.Why should you use A+ Status Saver? ⭐️ Downloaded statuses can beviewed anytime, using your favorite video player and withoutinternet bandwidth ⭐️ You make the environment greener by savinginternet bandwidth and electricity OMG🙉, It's dead simple, Right?you bet it is, 😉! Install A+ Status Saver Now! & Start SavingInstagram & WhatsApp Statuses! 📝For Tips and Tricks - Visit A+Status Saver Blog bit.ly/2IjBkOW ☆ Join us on Facebookfb.me/AplusStatusSaver 📌Disclaimer : 1️⃣The "WhatsApp" and"Instagram" names are copyright to WhatsApp Incorporated andInstagram respectively. This App is in no way affiliated with,sponsored or endorsed by either WhatsApp Inc. or Instagram. 2️⃣ Anyunauthorized downloading or re-uploading of the content and/orviolation of intellectual Property Rights is the soleresponsibility of the user. 3️⃣ We respect and value user privacy.All apps released by Edge Dev Studio comply with Google Policy onData Privacy. Keywords to find our App: Instagram Video DownloaderIG Video Downloader Instagram Story Saver IGTv Video DownloaderIGTv Downloader WhatsApp Click to Chat Open In WhatsApp DownloadStatus Download Status WhatsApp Video Hd Download WhatsApp StatusFree Instagram Downloader WhatsApp Status Download WhatsApp StatusDownloader WhatsApp Status Saver app WhatsApp Status Video DownloadBest WhatsApp Status Download FastSave for WhatsApp Status Saverfor WhatsApp Status Videos
IMEI Generator (Free) 5.001
App features: 1. IMEI Generator✅ (Can generate up to One MillionIMEIs at a go) 2. IMEI Checker 🕵️‍♀️ 3. MTK Engineering ⛓ 4. RootChecker ( # )🔑 5. IMEI Analyzer 🔬 6. Android Settings ⚙️ 7. DeviceSettings 🔩 ✔ Root Checker Are you a Super User? The purpose of thisfeature is to give you the convenience of checking whether yourAndroid device has administrator or root access. This app will runseveral tests on your device, check and confirm the appropriatepermission. Binary SU is a binary code commonly used for Androiddevices. ✔ MTK Engineering can only be used with Phones that useMTK Chip, only. ✔ use IMEI Checker to verify if your IMEI has beenreported, stolen, blacklisted or blocked. ✔ Android Settings willopen a hidden Settings Menu on your Phone. Where you can getinformation such as - Phone Information - Battery Information(power plug, battery level, battery scale, battery temperature andso on) - Usage Statistics - Wi-Fi Information ✔ Device Settings canONLY be used if you use a Specific Devices. ✔ The ‘PHONE IMEI’ tabcontains a list IMEIs for different phones (including latestphones). And guess what? You can generate up to 1 Million IMEIsfrom a single tap without any No Duplicate. All generated IMEIs areUnique. Generated IMEIs are also ordered for easy use. HOW TO USE -Pick a phone of choice from the list - Pick quantity to generate:25, ..., or 1,000,000. - Tap ‘Generate’ button ✔ The ‘GENERATOR’tab is a supplement to PHONE IMEI tab. In this tab you can enterany Arbitrary IMEI (between 8 – 12 digits) and it will generate thecomplete IMEI. The list is guaranteed to contain zero duplicates.HOW TO USE - Input between 8 – 12 digits - Pick quantity togenerate : 15, ..., or 1,000,000. - Tap 'Generate' ✔ The ‘ANALYZER’tab can be used to analyse IMEI piece by piece & check if anIMEI is valid or Not. ✔ SHARE, COPY or SAVE your generated IMEIs.IMEI Generator is very easy to use coupled, locked and loaded withUSEFUL features and has very friendly user interface. If you foundthis Tool Useful, don't forget to - Leave a review and saysomething Nice, We Love ❤️Compliments! 😜 - Recommend it to yourfriends and others. ⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ 1. This App (IMEI Generator)can NOT track your lost phone! 2. This App (IMEI Generator) can NOTchange your phone IMEI! 2. This App (IMEI Generator) uses LuhnAlgorithm to generate valid IMEIs Join us on Facebook:fb.me/imeigenerator Join us on Telegram:t.me/joinchat/F2C1Sgq7FAfAORxy6zPQwg Send Message:m.me/imeigenerator
IMEI Generator Lite 2.4
IMEI Generator Lite is the Lite version of IMEI Generator Pro -http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edgedevstudio.imei_toolboxIMEI Generator Lite Strictly Generates IMEIs based on LuhnAlgorithms. For more features such as IMEI Checker, Root Checker,MTK Engineering, IMEI Analyzer, Samsung and Android Settings,download IMEI Generator (http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edgedevstudio.imei_toolbox) instead.