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RevHeadz Engine Sounds 1.13
RevHeadz Engine Sounds is a state-of-the-art interactive enginesounds application, accurately simulating a huge range of modernand classic cars and motorcycles from off-road to Grand Prix andeverything in-between. RevHeadz Engine Sounds puts you in controlof gear-shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed, incorporating sonicmodels of real engine sounds with real-world mechanical physicalparameters including speedometer, tachometer, accelerator, brake,drive ratios, drive lashing, engine load, gear-shifts and backfirelogic. To experience the real scope of RevHeadz Engine Sounds,simply connect your device to a home or car sound system and takecontrol of the best engine sounds ever created. NEW FEATURE!Beginning with version 1.2 you can now experience RevHeadz EngineSounds while driving your own car using OBD-II (On-BoardDiagnostics / OBD2) communication. *Requires an OBD-II compliantvehicle that supports engine RPM and an ELM / OBD Wifi or Bluetoothadapter. For information and troubleshooting OBD-II: Free Pack Includes:6.0L V12 Italian Supercar 1000cc V4 Japanese Sports Bike 4.7L V8American Classic Muscle Car 1.3L RX Rotary 100cc Chainsaw 1800ccV-Twin Cruiser NIS 350Z V8 Super GT AM V12 GT3 FER 458 GT3 GT Pack1 Includes: AUD R8 LMS GT3 CHEV CAM GT3 POR 997 GT3 R BENT CONT GT3GT Pack 2 Includes: BMW Z4 GT3 MERC AMG GT3 FRD GT LM GT3 FER FXX KGT Pack 3 Includes: MCLN 12C GT3 NIS GT-R GT3 CHEV COR C7.R FER 488GT3 Import Pack Includes: 4.8L V10 LF-Nurb Onboard Sound 4.8L V10LF-Nurb Exhaust Sound 2.0L 4-Boxer 86 Tuned 3.5L V6 Trophy HistoricGrand Prix Pack Includes: 3.0L Flat-12 1978 Italian Classic 3.0 V81976 World Champion 1.5L V6-T 1988 World Champion Modern Grand PrixPack Includes: 2.4L V8 2013 Onboard Sound 2.4L V8 2013 ExhaustSound 3.0L V10 2004 World Champion Off Road Pack Includes: 2.0LFlat-4T Rallycar 450cc 4-Stroke Quad Bike 250cc 2-Stroke Dirt BikeRace Car Pack Includes: 5.8L V8 American Stockcar 5.5L V10 TDIGerman LMP 3.6L Flat-6 German GT3 Street Tuner Pack Includes: 3.7LV6 Z-Car 1.6L Inline-4 86 Classic 2.0L Triple Rotor Drift StreetBike Pack Includes: 1200cc V-Twin American Chopper 1200cc V-TwinItalian Sports Bike 1050cc Triple British Sports Bike Supercar PackIncludes: 5.2L V10 Italian Supercar 4.5L V8 Italian Supercar 3.2LV6 Japanese Supercar V8 Thunder Pack Includes: 6.2L V8 CaddyRacecar 5.0L V8 Australian Racecar 11.5L V8 Monster Truck
RevHeadz Motorbike Sounds 1.8
RevHeadz Motorbike Sounds puts the world’s #1 mobile engine soundstechnology at your fingertips with an awesome collection ofoff-road, street, and high-performance racing bikes. Incorporatingsonic models of real engine sounds, RevHeadz Motorbike Soundsaccurately simulates real-world mechanical physical parametersincluding speedometer, tachometer, throttle, brakes, drive ratios,turbocharger, drive lashing, engine load, gear-shifts and backfirelogic. RevHeadz Motorbike Sounds lets you interactively start/stopengine ignition, control throttle, speed, gear shifts, braking, andperform awesome tyre-screeching burnouts… you can almost smell thesmoke! Free Pack Includes: - R1 998cc - Dark Horse 1811cc - Ninja636cc - Panigale 1198cc Additional Purchase Pack Includes: -Adventure 1170cc - Diavel 1198cc - Dirt 2-Stroke 250cc - Dirt4-Stroke 450cc - Grand Prix 1000cc - GSX-R 999cc - Panhead 1200cc -Speed Triple 1050cc - Super Duke 1301cc - Superbike 1198cc