1.0 / June 10, 2014
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Save the world from the asteroids and enemy ships by shooting them.You have 5 different spaceships to choose from. Shoot the asteroidsand enemy ships to clear the level. 5 different themes and firepower. Save the Galaxy and the world by finishing the asteroids andenemy battleships.Game Features:1) Shoot the Asteroid and EnemyShip to save the world2) 5 different type of batterships and firepowers3) 5 different themes/world and special powers4) SpecialSound effects and vibration5) 9 different levels (More Levelscoming soon)

App Information Galaxy Fighter -Save the World

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    Galaxy Fighter -Save the World
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    June 10, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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Sleep Well (Sound Sleep) Public.Alpha APK
Do you want to have deep sound sleep? Do you want to relax and calmyour mind? Are you stressed out or in mental tension? Do you wantto simply take a break? Then Sleep Well App is for you. Sleep WellApp teaches how to get sound sleep. It has voice guided sessionswith light music. It helps to relax and calm your mind. It usesvarious scientific methods and music effects for bringing soundsleep. Regular listening to these session improves theconcentration and focus. Its has 7 day course. Every day beforesleep, you can listen to one sleep session. It works on variousscientific proven methods like1. Prayers Sessions2. Dancing &Tiring your body Sessions3. Mantra Recitation Sessions4. DeepBreathing Sessions5. Aum Chanting Sessions6. Meditations Sessions7.Touch Healing SessionsThe above 7 Sleep Well Sessions are preparedby professionals. In addition to the 7 sessions, we haveintroduction to Sleep Well Session, which introduces you to theSleep Well Sessions. This app follows natural, scientificpsychological and biological process for inducing sleep. Sleep WellApp has the following features.1) 7 Days Sleep Rite Sessions2) 7Sleeping Sounds3) Works in offline mode4) Repeat, Play, Pause,Stop, Next, Previous feature5) Facebook, Twitter, Email, Sharefeature6) Install on SD Card7) This also helps to cure insomnia andother sleep disorder
Java MCQ Practice Tests 1.1 APK
We are proud to present the Java MCQ Practice Tests app. Theapplication provides 15 Java practice MCQ tests with completesolutions and also topic wise questions and also analyses yourperformance/score over the time via performance tracker. Thesetests contains questions from various real technical job interviewsand competitive exams. This application will help you to learn andpractice the concepts of Java programing language and also preparesyou to crack any Java technical interview or competitiveexam.Features1. 15 practice tests (With or without time limit)2.Topic wise test (To learn or practice a particular topic)3. Randomquestion test4. Complete solution with explanations (Afterattempting each test)5. Performance Tracker (Compare your all thetest scores on graphs)6. More than 300 MCQs with completesolutions7. Real test simulation environment with time limitThisapplication is provided free of cost for the benefit of studentcommunity to learn and practice Java programing language.
Kids Drums & Monkey Dance 1.0 APK
Play the drums in Rhythm and make the monkey dance. Faster youplay, faster the Monkey dance. Collect enough point to make themonkey fall from branch. Its simple and fun. Doesn't matter if youdon't know, how to play drums. Just touch the drums, they will playin rhythm for you automatically. Birds, Monkey, Owl, Squirrel willalso sing with you, just touch them. Kids love and enjoy it. Thesedrums produce the sounds of congo and bongo, similar to africandrums.Game Features: 1) Play Drums in Rhythm and Make the MonkeyDance and Fall2) Faster Drums you Play, Faster the Monkey willDance and Fall3) Other Animals Sings, when you play (Touch them, tomake them sings)4) Animals that make sound/sing (Bird, Monkey, Owl,Squirrel)5) With Every Level the number of drums increases6) Veryadditive game for Kids, Adults and anyone who enjoys musics7) Workswith all the smart phones and tablets
Teeter Labyrinth 1.2 APK
We are proud to present you Teeter Labyrinth Game. Teeter is theclassic Labyrinth Maze game, where you put the ball in the bluehole, avoiding all the obstructions and holes. It is very cooladdictive game for kids, adults and every one. This TeeterLabyrinth Maze game has amazing graphics with wooden texture. GameFeatures1) Put the Steel Ball in Blue Hole by tilting the Device 2)Stay away from black holes and obstructions and maze3) 30 Levels(More levels coming soon!) 4) Vibrate and Sound effects 5) Improveyour focus and concentration 6) Special Wooden Texture to give thefeel of Labyrinth Maze7) Special support for both phones andtablets
Pocket 8 Pool Ball 1.0 APK
We are proud to present Pocket 8 Pool BallGame. 8 Ball Pool is the classic Billiards game, where you put thesolids or stripes ball in the hole. Its very easy to play, just bytouching the white ball and pulling it backwards. It supportsSingle Player and Two Player on the same Device. Touch the Cue toplay a shot. You can play with solids or Stripes balls.Game Features:1) Single Player (No Rules) for Pool, Billiards2) Double Player (With Partner) for Pool, Billiards3) 4 Different Pool Tablets with four colors4) Vibrate and Sound effects on Cue Shot5) Supports both Phones and Tablets6) Special Wooden Texture
Islamic Learnings Memory Game 1.0 APK
Islamic Learnings Memory Game is puzzle game for improving yourfocus, concentration and islamic symbols to your kids and children.It has various islamic (islam) learnings symbols, icons, islamictexts for available for matching. Symbols like allah, Quran andother islam learnings. Touch on Bubble with your memory to matchthe islamic learning symbols. Complete each level within giventime. The number of bubble increases with every level. GameFeatures:1) Match the Correct Islamic Symbol with your memory2)Match the correct bubbles to clear the level3) On Every BubbleBursts, Get Score4) Smoothing Sounds5) Play and Improve yourfocus6) Play and Improve your concentration7) Play and Train yourspatial and working memory8) Support both Smart Phones and Tablets
General Knowledge Indian Quiz 1.0 APK
We are proud to present the General Knowledge Indian Quiz app. Theapplication provides 16 General Knowledge (GK) Indian Quiz withcomplete solutions and also topic wise questions and also analysesyour performance/score over the time via performance tracker.Indian General Knowledge Quiz is a collection MCQ questions fromdifferent subjects of Indian and World origin. Its containssubjects like, Geography, History, Sports, Honors and Awards,Economy, Technology, Science, Culture, Books and Authors, etc. Thisapplication will help to you increase and test your GeneralKnowledge. This application provides 16 Quizzes and each Quizcontains 20 MCQs. These MCQs are from different knowledge area. Italso covers topic wise Quiz for practicing on any particular topic.There is also an option of attempting random Quiz. Thisapplications provides the correct answer and their solutions ofeach Quiz and topic wise Quiz. Answers are only visible/availableafter attempting/finishing the QuizFeatures1. 16 (GK) Indian Quiz(with or without time limit)2. Topic wise Quiz (To learn orpractice a particular topic)3. Random Quiz4. Complete solution withexplanations (After attempting each test)5. Performance Tracker(Compare your all the test scores on graphs)6. More than 300 MCQswith complete solutions7. Real test simulation environment withtime limitThis application is provided free of cost for the benefitof student community to learn and practice for various competitiveexaminations, interviews and for self knowledge enhancement.
Practice 8 Pool Ball 1.0 APK
Practice 8 Pool Ball is a simple Pool gamewith NO RULES. JUST PLAY AS YOU WANT. 8 Ball Pool is the classicbilliards game, where you put the solid balls (Red or Yellow) inthe hole. (Put Black Ball only in Last). Its very easy to play,just by touching the Cue ball and pulling it backwards. It supportsSingle Player and Two Player on the Same Device.Game Features:1) Single Player (No Rules) with Solids Balls (No StripesBalls)2) Double Player (On Same Device with No Rules)3) Red and Yellow Balls and a Cue Ball (Cue Shot) for 8 Pool BallGame4) Supports both Phones and Tablets5) Special Wooden Texture