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Neighbor survival is at extreme risk as crime rate is high. Agents,mafia, snatchers and robbers are active in neighbor doing evilcriminal activities around. A real super police hero is needed forcity rescue survival and to save people. It’s time to take ultimateaction against crime gangsters, agents and robbers and safe cityfrom all kind of evil. Let the gangsters show who is the realfighter here! Be aware of enemies attack as you may get killed bytheir strong strikes. A real police hero not only fight againstcriminals, gangsters and robbers but save people in emergencyrescue situations. Be an angry fighter neighbor police hero ofneighbor city and fight bravely with the criminals in thrillingaction fighter game of 2017 Police Hero Neighbor Rescue. Policehero will drive police ambulance and take people to the hospitalfor their safe survival in emergency rescue missions.Be the realpolice hero of city and fight bravely with crime shadow mafiagangsters, robbers and snatchers. Teach evil enemies hard timelesson. Make best use of fighter survival skills and put an end togangster reign in city neighbor. Be rescue police hero and lookaround in neighbor for any emergency situation and rush forsurvival mission. There are different emergency rescue situationsin neighbor city like car crash, fire alert, purse snatching, bankrobbery and house robbery. The mafia gang are getting more activeday by day. A threat in neighbor has made everybody afraid. Extremeaction against criminals, robbers, agents and snatchers need to betaken by a real fighter to save city turning into crime city. Makeextreme fighter moves when encounter the criminals, agents, robbersand snatchers. Fight like a real super police hero and end reign ofterror in neighbor city. Life of every single person is precious,let them take of life risk and help them out in amazing challengingrescue missions.Police Hero Neighbor Rescue has challenging rescuemission that can be accomplished only if you are a passionatepolice hero. Police is the real survival hero of people. Rush torescue people suffering injury on neighbor city streets and takethem to hospital for their safe survival. Drive police ambulancereal fast. Avoid car crash with traffic running on street. Let noneother police officer win hearts of people. Be an ultimate policehero who fears no one! Being super hero neighbor rescuer exhibitepic action fighting stunt, make best use of your baton and showthe criminal and robbers, police can go to any extreme for neighborsurvival. Attack and fight with amazing super power and let’sfinish the crime rate in action filled fighting game of 2017 PoliceHero Neighbor Rescue.Features: • Be a real Superhero NeighborPolice Fighter in 2017 Action Game• Fight criminals being angryfighter police • Drive car and save people in emergency rescuemissions• Amazing 3d Graphics and Engaging Sound Effects•Challenging, Interesting & Addictive Gameplay

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    Police Hero Neighbor Rescue
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    November 24, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    The Game Feast
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Enemy invasion in city made warrior dragon robot flying superherocomeback from future for war of dragons and it started the realtransform battle. Super dragon warrior robot from future havingincredible transformation ability can transform into super dragonmonster breathing fire eradicating rivals in aerial battle. Thefuturistic robots war is going to be fought between air robotflying superhero dragon warrior and deadly enemies. In Super DragonWarrior Robot Transform Battle futuristic robots war brain deadzombies, mech robot and skull skeleton mummy robot have made deadlyinvasion in futuristic city. This flying superhero robot dragon waris for city survival where super dragon warrior dragon flying highin the sky will spread wings, breathe fire and kill all scaryrivals with fire balls. The real flying superhero dragon robot herois ready for robot fighting on the streets. The special firefighting power of monster beast warrior dragon will be a realchallenge for your rivals. Give yourself, the title of a superwarrior dragon air robot hero by playing this action simulatorSuper Dragon Warrior Robot Transform Battle. Feel the heat ofinfinite superhero monster power of robot dragon. Super dragonwarrior air robot hero is the last hope to stop enemy robot,skeleton and zombie invasion. Let no rival stand in front of firedragon warrior, use the power of fire blazes, fire balls and robotshooting to hunt and kill untied robotic force in this dragon war.The real monster is on the street dragon robot beast simulator. Itsgoing to be a dangerous adventure where the incredibletransformation of fire dragon warrior into steel robot will help itto win the futuristic robots war. Win the ultimate air fight SuperDragon Warrior Robot Transform Battle of city survival and rescuecity at all cost. As a beast monster hero, end the hard time offuturistic city by eradicating the awaken forces in this futuristicrobots war. You are going to control a big fire dragon which istransformable into beast robot. Smash your enemies with superheromonster power of dragon. This Super Dragon Warrior Robot TransformBattle is intense full of robot shooting and fire blazes. Balanceyour dragon & robot in the future robot battle and destroyghost skull skeleton, brain dead zombie and evil robots. You willfight against many evil robot in air battle and land war to defeatrobots, zombies and skull skeletons as a real super hero offuturistic robots war. Fly your robot dragon over the city anddiminish all enemies. This fire dragon game Super Dragon WarriorRobot Transform Battle is a mixture of dragon monster hero, robotdragon superhero games, dragon transform games, beast simulator andflying monster games. Be the monster dragon hero of the world todefeat zombies, skeleton mummy and robot with robot superheropowers and transforming your robot in dragon. Fire dragon air robothero is now awake from a century sleep and ready for deadly fight.The real monster dragon robot warrior is now on the streets! Anamazing combination of robot game and dragon game will give takeyou to a new adventure of monster battle. It’s Super Dragon WarriorRobot Transform Battle of fire dragon superhero that can transforminto iron robot destroying brain dead zombies, robots and skeletonmummy. Be the monster hero of futuristic world and defeat unitedenemies with your monster robot superhero and fire dragon powers.The extreme ability is your dragon transformation into robotsuperhero giving you the edge to fly around the city and engage inaerial battle with land enemies. Spread your wings dragon warrior!Breath fire and kill them all! Features: • Feel the heat ofinfinite superhero warrior robot! • Spread wings, chase enemies anddestroy them all! • Eradicate robots, zombies and skeleton withrobot shooting! • Best HD graphics and engaging sound effects! • Anamazing robot dragon beast simulator!
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World War II ended after an intense FPS shooting battle betweenarmy soldiers. World War II ended with final battleground turnedinto prison camp. Critical strike in battle resulted in death ofmany army soldiers those who survived in WW2 battleground werelockdown under the supervision of trained army soldiers of WorldWar 2. Some imprisoned soldiers tried to make great prison escapebut were noticed by sniper guards that frequently patrolled around.No one wants to get locked up in World War II battleground foreverbut to escape this deadly prison you must use survival escapestrategy for final freedom. Find your way out of WW2 battlegroundin World War II Survival: FPS Shooting Game to become a realsurvival hero in secret. Find and locate weapons, fight with prisonguards and prison sniper, escape the search lights, and help saveyour jail inmates in World War II Survival: FPS Shooting Game. It’stime to answer the call of escape in final battle where you aregoing to break prison rules and fight bigger sniper on duty to makeprison escape. Collect warfare equipment from bigger sniper forfighting against the military force for your ultimate survival.Indulge in intense critical strike FPS shooting battle againstbigger sniper on duty in sniper mission. World War II Survival: FPSShooting Game is full of action, thrill, shooting and stealthescape mission. Make best survival escape strategy to fight withsniper guards and World War 2 soldiers in intense World War IISurvival: FPS Shooting Game. Don’t get caught by search lights andbattleground guards on duty. Make other imprisoned soldiers answerthe call of war escape and escape from WW2 battleground along withyour jail inmates. Play the great survival escape game with asecret jail break plan in intense sniper mission. Get ready forchallenging Sniper shooting battle with sniper guards who arecontinuously patrolling armed with warfare equipment. There aresniper on tower guarding the prison, laser fences and search lightsare after little intervals. Sneaking and escaping POW camp forsurvival is real challenge. Gather your strength, break rules anddo whatever it takes to escape without being caught in World War IISurvival: FPS Shooting Game. Enjoy action packed WW2 fps shootinggame with secret escape story in WW2 battleground and become a realsurvival hero in free wifi game. Features: • Thrilling Actionpacked survival game with sniper mission! • Escape prison sniper inWorld War II battleground! • Make best escape strategy and becomereal survival hero! • Variety of weapons and rifles to combatagainst enemies! • High Quality 3d Graphics, Superb Animations& Best Sound Effects!
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Relive the bus driving adventure this winter with tour coach bussimulator. With Christmas and New Year around the corner this isthe real chance to show your driving skills. Play as the real busdriver in this bus driving simulator game in 2017. Tour coach busdriver in another simulator where your duty isn’t just driving buttransporting duty to roam around the city and ride the passengers.Precision bus driving, passenger transport and parking gameadventure. For the lovers of bus driving games and parking gamesthis is the real bus driving challenge to play as the city busdriver. Incredible vehicles will make you feel a realistic tourcoach driving experience inside the big city. City bus driving is areal bus simulator 2017 where you enjoy unlimited simulation insidethe big city. Multiple weather conditions like snow and rainfallwill make your winter drive even better. Real bus driving with tourcoach bus simulator will let your explore the world of bus drivinggames and parking games. Play the role of a coach driver totransport tourist to their desired location on time. Enjoy the snowbus drive with multiple transportation jobs. Driving with real-timephysics is an adventure in this bus simulator game. Driving a tourDriving a coach is never an easy task. Tourists are waiting fortheir pick and drop transport service. Showcase your wonderfuldriving skills with tour coach bus simulator. The real challengewith tour coach bus simulator is to drive in extreme weatherconditions. With slippery roads during rain and snow could be achallenging bus drive. Enjoy with multiple bus selection andextreme weathers. Enjoy your duty as the bus driver and keeptransporting passengers and tourist. In this drivingsimulatorFeatures of the Game:• Realistic Bus Driving Simulator •Thrill of City Bus Driving Adventure• Driving, Simulation &Parking Game• Passenger Transporter Vehicle Driving• MultipleWeather Conditions to Enjoy