1.01 / October 3, 2015
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Wild Animals attack is complete animals hunting, animals shootingand survival challenging game. In real life most of us don't eventget a chance to hunt or shoot wild animals, wild animals attackgame offers you the complete thrilling experience of hunting andshooting wild animals. Wild animals attack is the best free and newhunting game with thrilling experience of shooting wild animals.You can hunt among three different wild attacking animals i.e wildwolf, dangerous bear and wild leopard.While hunting you need to becareful as wolf ,bear and leopard all are very dangerous attackinganimals if you miss the target animal they will take no time tokill you. Against each animal you have six levels with easy todifficulty mode. For the current version of game you can huntleopard, bear and wolf but in coming versions you can also huntamong rabbit, lion, dear. You have played many animals hunting,forest shooting and jungle animals hunting game but with wildanimals attack you can become a sharp animal hunter as we areoffering six different challenging levels against each animal. Holdyour nerves, take position and settle your sniper to fire a perfectshot. After your first fire wild attacking animals rush towardsyou. Keep your eye on bullets as you have limited ammunition leftwith you, so use them wisely like a sharp shooter and excitedhunter. Game Features:1. Realistic Snow Hunting Environment2. Wildattacking animals out there to shoot and hunt3. Hunting among threedifferent animals4. Latest and realistic Sniper for hunting wildanimals5. Hunting among different animals6. Radar to detect theposition of animals7. Multiple levels against each animal - easy todifficult8. No internet connectivity required to play9. Completelyfree game with minimum advertisements10. Smooth ControlsGame playis simple and addictive, select target animal and start hunting.Don't forget to share Wild animals attack with hunting and shootinglovers friends.

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    Wild Animals Attack 3D
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    October 3, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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